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More than ever, we are faced with the question of the image.
What are these images that we produce, invoke and watch, and that are watching and monitoring us?

We are at once the creators, the producers, the actors, the extras, the witnesses, and the audience of this spectacle. What is, then, this movement of the images that never ceases to haunt the world, which is more and more threatening as much as it is threatened? How can we still see and hear in spite of everything? The pulse and the waves are there; they have not yet abandoned us.

Cairo Video Festival presents six of Medrar’s most recent productions by Dessil Mekhtigian, Helena Abdelnasser & Joseph Adel, Hossam Waleed, Nadia Ghanem, Sama Waly and Sherouk Helal. The newly produced works are the outcome of a production workshop for video art and experimental film titled The Motion of the Image, which took place in 2021 under the supervision of Ghassan Salhab, a Lebanese screenwriter and film director born in Dakar, Senegal. Other guest artists who visited the workshop include Maha Maamoun and Youssra El Hawary.

The workshop is part of a series of production workshops that Medrar has organized since 2006 with the aim of encouraging collaborations and establishing a constantly growing community of artists and filmmakers working with the moving image. Each workshop invites eligible applicants residing in Cairo to discuss, develop and produce a proposed concept, and assists each participant to realize their ideas, starting from the conceptual process to the planning, production, post-production, screenings and distribution of the films.

This workshop was organized by Medrar for Contemporary Art with the support of the Embassy of the Netherlands in Cairo.