Spacial Sensibilities

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An unselfconscious awareness of the body in the world; a body that is coming into awareness of its surroundings through its intersubjective interactions with it.

An investigation of the interface between the real and the digital world, ever-changing in a dialogue with the space and the viewers.

In the realm of tension between two opposing forces – catastrophe and satisfaction, work and leisure, subsistence and nothingness – perpetually shifting surfaces and skins.

A signal that compels movements – an exterior layer from which one dives inward and disappears into the psychic realm where nothing is random.

Superstitions: a ritual for creating new worlds and situations for fragmented, genderless bodies. Overwhelmed by the flood of media information, skyscrapers compete with each other to touch the stars.

With the rising rates of alienation and digital tribalism, and in this changing environment, what remains is a society devoid of a human face.

New urban compositions are constantly being created, consequently becoming further fragmented.

Bodies challenge the spaces around them outside of time. Spaces, environments, forms, and objects turn into digital artifacts and fragmented narratives, creating new relations with the place.

This program features four commissioned works specifically made for the 10th CVF edition by Nurah Farahat, Silvia De Gennaro, Hany Rashed and Shota Yamauchi.

Selection and Program: Mena El Shazly & Mohamed Allam