Patxi Araujo


Variation#2 [Tribute to Giordano]




Variations (Tribute to Giordano) is an indeterminate number of sessions of interaction with a software entity, where the projected image and sound are the result of the activity of a particle system subject to forces of attraction and repulsion. The disembodied and abstract nature of this system, if manipulated, shines different configurations/constellations, whose tempo and form, are marked by mutual contagion of internal generative processes and decisions of the interpreter. In this human-machine dialogue, in this strangely real virtuality, Tribute to Giordano speculates with the unlikely border between a spiritual dimension and other purely technological.

Loop Videos Exhibition in 29 Hoda Sharawy


From 6-2-2017 To 28-2-2017
Cairo Video Festival | Variation#2 [Tribute to Giordano] - Cairo Video Festival
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